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History of the Foundation

Share The Dream Foundation was founded in 2002 by LTC (Retired) Michael D. Randall. Share The Dream got its start late one night in 2001 when Gladys Randall, Michael's mother, met two young children in her neighborhood wondering around the streets at 10 pm. She listened to their stories and needs and instead of just handing them money, she offered to feed, clothe, and mentor them. Soon, His mother enlisted his help and they began tutoring the children and taking them on weekly outings.

Volunteers are still the driving force behind Share The Dream Foundation and remain dedicated to helping the children succeed. They tutor the children in reading and math, pack lunches for Sunday field trips, deliver Christmas trees, toys and teach the children life skills. Most importantly, the volunteers serve as positive role models for the children and share their passion for Share The Dream Foundation with others.

LTC (Retired) Randall began helping veterans when he found out so many veterans didn't know how to get assistance or understand their benefits for serving our country.

Every year, Share The Dream Foundation fine-tunes their programs and services to better serve the children, veterans and their families. 

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